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About Harmony Solutions Ltd

Harmony Solutions is a business service management company that operates in Kenya situated on MMID Studio, 3rd Floor Westlands Road in Nairobi.

We fortify hands on professionalism and specialize in harmonizing people, processes and technology, using best practices to help people and businesses enhance their business operations so as to drive into operational costs efficiency as well as business growth.


Harmony Solutions Ltd aims at providing high quality internationally recognized IT management solutions that are responsive to the needs of the industry and the market place.
Our mission is supported by a number of key activities outlined as follows:

Promoting Management Development
Harmony offers professional management development and executive education programs. These programs add value to management skills and organizational learning.

Accrediting Management Education
Harmony seeks to provide and to continually seek to expand its offering of accredited programs.

Benchmarking Harmony’s programs to International Standards
Harmony seeks to develop its programs, taking into account the competencies identified by a variety of national and international bodies and stakeholders.

Attracting and Retaining High- Quality Faculty
Harmony provides a progressive, supportive and stimulating working environment, to encourage all staff to develop their skills and realize their full potential.


To be the leading provider in IT management solutions in East Africa
This purpose is achieved by engaging in the following activities:

  • Providing academic programs designed for business.
  • Working with individuals and organizations to deliver results through improvements in the practice of management.
  • Engaging in research.
  • Developing leading- edge management practices.

Core Values

Harmony responds to changing markets and customer environments by developing a high performance organization with a strong commercial focus.

Our flexibility and responsiveness are based on the following valued behaviors’:

  • Professionalism
    Harmony Solutions Ltd is committed towards promoting the highest standards of ethics and integrity.
  • Total customer satisfaction
    Harmony Solutions seeks to focus on understanding and exceeding the expectation of customers.
  • Dynamic Institution
    Harmony Solutions Ltd seeks for continuous improvement and excellence in its operations and processes.
  • Human Resource Development
    Harmony Solutions Ltd values its work force. It is committed towards developing and training its employees to their fullest potential.