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IT Governance Services

Harmony Consulting can support you through the whole process of IT Governance – design of the IT Governance model and its implementation, ongoing adjustments and – of course – results.
Harmony Consulting has established a set of best-practice tools that our experienced consultants use and, where necessary, adapt them to your specific business needs.

  • Business-focused IT governance framework implementation
  • IT strategy scorecards that build and systematize effective metrics derived from business objectives
  • Project Portfolio management methodologies to optimize control of IT resources according to value
  • ITIL process methodology to design IT processes for the Businesses
  • IT audits for measuring the “As is” efficiency of your IT organization and for identifying operational risks

IT Governance Services can help executive leadership establish a working foundation for IT decision making that:

  • Sets priorities for allocating technology resources at your institution
  • Establishes a process for building consensus among the organization stakeholders
  • Integrates IT goals, strategies, policies, and procedures with established priorities
  • Distributes responsibility for outcomes appropriately
  • Improves management and delivery of organization IT initiatives


  • Facilitate compliance with external legislation and regulations
  • Optimize IT operations
  • Helps align technology with business goals
  • Helps mitigate risk associated with IT
  • Helps ensure valuable technology solutions are delivered on time and budget
  • Facilitate effective communication between IT and business
  • Enhance external and internal customer satisfaction


Project Portfolio Management

Effectively manage projects, budgets and resources across your organization.

Working on the right projects at the right time is critical to sustain a competitive advantage, yet many organizations struggle with allocating limited resources and assets wiselyHarmony Solutions' project portfolio management (PPM) approach helps you select and manage an optimal portfolio of projects - one that maximizes your organization's responsiveness, revenues, and adaptability while keeping the projects aligned with your strategic business goals and objectives.

Project portfolio management provides a bird's-eye view of an entire set of projects in order to compare, prioritize and group project, budget and resource information at an executive level and make decisions and changes accordingly. Project portfolio management helps spread resources appropriately across the portfolio projects, keeping a close tab on progress across the organization.

Harmony Solutions helps structure your PPM practices to provide your organization with a consistent way to select, prioritize, and manage projects that deliver maximum business value.


IT Governance Framework Implementation

Helping You Do Right Things Right!

IT governance helps firms define who is responsible for what and how IT decisions are taken. It enables IT to adhere to business objectives and maximize value from investment. It can protect against failures that result from the misalignment of IT and business strategies. There is no single governance model that fits all organizations across all geographies or sectors. Some organizations give their CIOs a place on the board – or at executive level; others set up governance committees to drive IT; others lack a formal governance structure but embed their CIO more centrally within the corporate structure.

Why IT governance
IT governance delivers competitive advantage through the identification of the ‘utility’ and ‘innovation’ components of IT, steered by the CIO to create value. Whatever the maturity of your existing IT governance, we can help you take the next steps in building and strengthening it.

IT governance - How we can help
Harmony’s IT governance services can assist with and advise you on the development of an efficient and effective ICT organization and processes by aligning IT with organizational objectives. We help realizing the promised benefits of IT through exploiting opportunities and maximizing benefits, increasing efficiency/automation, decreasing costs and reducing complexity. We also advise on the design of an appropriate sourcing strategy.


IT Health Check

Organizations have become increasingly reliant on their key applications Systems and supporting IT infrastructure to conduct their day to day business. They invest significant resources to deploy new systems, keep up with technology changes and develop an IT organization that understands and Supports their business.    

Are you getting the required level of performance from your IT operations? Are you getting value for money from the investment made in IT infrastructure and staff? If not, we can check the health of your IT operation, identifying any ailments and prescribing effective remedies.

Performing an IT health check provides senior management with an independent and holistic view of IT capability and challenges, and with tangible recommendations for making improvements.


IT Strategy

Information Technology (IT) is changing many aspects of business. It is a critical mechanism to lower costs, increase effectiveness and efficiency, as well as providing value-add and interacting with customers and suppliers. It is however very important that the IT strategy is aligned with the business strategy to ensure that IT support becomes an integral part of an organisation’s growth.

Key to developing an effective IT strategy is recognising that IT is an enabler for the implementation of business requirements. Business requirements should therefore always be the driver behind any IT investment - and the resulting business benefits should be clearly measurable.

We have developed a global IT strategy development methodology which has been tried and tested on several projects locally and globally. As illustrated below, we help clients to realise strategic technological change in three high level stages, namely:

  • Gaining insight regarding the organisational objectives and drivers, as well as understanding the business processes that may impact on the achievement of the organisation’s objectives
  • Constructing IT architectures that will support the organisation. These architectures include information, applications, technology platforms and organisational design
  • Identifying and specifying the investments and strategy required to implement the constructed architectures.

IT Service Management

Where’s The Value?
Today there’s only one big question for organizations looking to make smarter investments in information technology: Is the IT organization delivering services that enhance business outcomes? Which makes it surprising that so many IT teams remain focused primarily on the technology itself. The most effective IT leaders are shifting their attention to the quality of services they provide, improving their relationships with – and value to – the business.

For those looking to put their efforts on the fast track, an IT Service Management (ITSM) approach built on IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) can deliver significant benefits. When tailored to meet your specific goals and environment, ITSM can help accelerate your efforts to transform IT resources into business-focused services while improving efficiency and effectiveness. Smarter growth in IT.

Technology that really delivers on business goals. And more. ITSM built on ITIL can help bring these elusive goals within reach by offering standard policies, processes and functions – but you would still need to maintain a steady focus on your overall portfolio of services and end-to-end service lifecycle