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Courses and Certifications

Currently, in the job industry employers are not just looking for expertise in a certain field. They are now more interested in tomorrows problem solvers-highly performing professionals who have the practical know-how to solve problems and create enduring results.

Harmony Solutions Limited wants to cultivate tomorrow’s problem solvers through, Program and Project Management, IT Service, Software Quality Assurance and Testing and Business Analysis Training.

Harmony Solutions is more than just a training company, but we do provide skill development that enables organizations and individuals to define, analyze and deliver product and services that solve business problems. We believe that training should be relevant, immediately applicable and fun. It’s our combination of best practices, a practical approach and an engaging delivery that distinguish the Harmony Solutions portfolio of training services.


Live Training: our instructor-led courses cover today’s most relevant topics to help you keep pace with today’s demanding business environment.

Private Classes: Minimize scheduling hassles and travel expenses by inviting a Harmony Solutions experts to your site. Your business team will benefit from a personalized curriculum that incorporates your organizations business processes and corporate culture.

Public Classes: When you need to train one or a few people, our open-enrollment classes provide you with flexibility. With several classes scheduled throughout the year, you have many choices and can sample our training before committing to onsite class.

Mentoring/Coaching: Whether for one-on-one or small groups, our monitoring services tackle your unique needs while helping you keep projects on track. Mentoring/Coaching reinforces classroom learning.

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