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System Modelling Techniques with UML


This business analysis training course follows the BCS syllabus for System Modelling Techniques (UML version) leading to the BCS accredited examination, Certificate in System Modelling Techniques (UML version).

The BCS Systems Modelling Techniques course provides delegates with a proven set of modelling techniques to use when specifying IT systems.

It uses selected models from the UML (Unified Modelling Language), which has become a standard for systems specification.

Course Content

  • Justify the need for modelling and modelling techniques
  • Explain why it is important to model system requirements from different perspectives and identify specific modelling techniques
  • Construct a static structure model (e.g. class diagram)
  • Construct a process model (e.g. activity diagram)
  • Construct a simple dynamic event driven model (e.g. state chart)
  • Construct a simple user interface model (e.g. web site navigation model)
  • Evaluate how the various models reflect business objectives and system requirements (e.g. via critical success factors)


Course Dates

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