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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt


The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification is for Green Belts who want to advance their knowledge and pursue process improvement as a full-time role. This program has a strong focus on statistical analysis and organizational change management.

You become a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt after going through training and an exam that tests your learning from this training. This is the certification process.

The training itself covers a body of knowledge, lots of quizzes and exams. There is a hands on real life project that checks your ability to translate the principles learnt from the training in real world business instances.

Who Should Attend

Previously trained Green Belts who want to become certified Black Belts.

What are the Benefits of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt?

The very obvious benefit is great personal excellence. A Black Belt is a career advancing tool. It propels you into the league of leaders. It provides a platform to move from a managerial role to a leadership role. It equips you with the necessary process and people management knowledge.

Research has also established that the ROI on Black Belts is worth the investment. Many companies do encourage potential employees who are cut out for leadership roles to take up the training. Whether it is your personal choice or a company sponsored decision, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt will propel your career at high speed!

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