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IT Security Awareness & Training Program


Threats to your company’s information assets have never been so prevalent. An overheard phone call, stolen laptop, or suspicious download all pose significant security threats. Yet, such breaches are more common than ever. As we gain access to the technologies that make us more productive and mobile, such as cell phones, PDAs, laptops, and VPNs, vulnerabilities proliferate, putting the enterprise at risk.

These vulnerabilities threaten the safety of corporate data, and are costly to prevent or mitigate. Everyone in the enterprise suffers. As security threats continue to evolve and attackers become more creative in defying company security, it’s time to get proactive.

  • Fundamentals on information security
  • Staying ahead on today’s cyber threat
  • Learn laws regulations and organization policy that govern Privacy and security
  • Learn how to protect your computer and your account by Password construction and Management
  • Securing your emails and Safe Internet surfing
  • What exactly computer viruses and worms are?
  • Identify a phisher, hacker, shoulder surfer, and dumpster diver
  • What you should do when incident happen?


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