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COBIT 5 Assessor


COBIT 5 is the internationally accepted best practice framework for IT governance and control. With a focus on managing processes, COBIT 5 has helped organisations bridge the gaps between control requirements, regulatory compliance and business risks to significantly increase the value of their investment in IT. Building on existing knowledge, this COBIT 5 Assessor course provides a basis for assessing an enterprise’s process capabilities against the COBIT 5 Process Assessment Model (PAM). Evidence-based to enable a reliable, consistent and repeatable way to assess IT process capabilities, this model helps IT leaders gain C- level and board member buy-in for change and improvement initiatives.

Course Content

Attendees can expect to gain knowledge in the following areas upon successful completion of the education and examination components related to this certificate;

  • How to perform a process capability assessment using the Assessor Guide: using COBIT 5
  • How to apply the Process Assessment Model (The PAM) in performing a process capability assessment, specifically:
    • To use the Process Reference Model, in particular to be able to use the 37 processes outlined in the PRM
    • To apply and analyze the measurement model in assessing process capability levels
    • To apply and analyze the capability dimension using generic criteria outlined in the PAM
  • How to identify and assess the roles and responsibilities in the process capability assessment process
  • How to perform and assess the 7 steps outlined in the Assessor Guide, specifically:
    • Initiate a process assessment
    • Scope an assessment, using the tools provided and the PAM for the selection of the appropriate processes
    • Plan and brief the teams
    • Collect and validate the data
    • Do a process attribute rating
  • How to use the self-assessment guide

Course Dates

02 May 2018 to 04 May 2018 - COBIT 5 Assessor - Nairobi



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