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PRINCE2 Executive Overview


PRINCE2® is increasingly being viewed as best practice project management and is being taken up by leading private sector companies as well as public sector organisations in the world. It is suitable for planning and controlling any type of project, regardless of scope or size, and introduces a process driven approach to project management with supporting components and techniques.

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the PRINCE2 method. It is driven by the creation of a high-level process map of the PRINCE2 method that will be used to identify the main components of the method for interactive discussion between attendees.

Course Content

Introduction to the PRINCE2 Method

  • What PRINCE2:2009 is and what it is not; How PRINCE2:2009 addresses Project Failure and ensures Project Success

The Process-Based Approach

  • The elements of PRINCE2; An introduction to the structure - Principles, Processes and Themes; Relationship between the PRINCE2 processes, Activities and themes; High level PRINCE2 Process map

PRINCE2 themes

  • Key PRINCE2 themes; Organisation; Business Case; Plans; Risk; Change; Quality; Progress


Course Dates

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