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project portfolio management


The Project Portfolio Management course addresses a gap in the management-by-projects field across all types of organizations (i.e., profit, nonprofit, and government) that is, the need for a documented set of processes that represent generally recognized good practices in the discipline of portfolio management.
While project management and program management have traditionally focused on “doing work right,” portfolio management is concerned with “doing the right work.”

This course teaches you how to take a bird's-eye view of all projects within your organization or division. With a portfolio perspective, you can improve resource utilization and planning and make appropriate decisions about adding new projects and continuing current ones. Learn to establish a methodology to evaluate, select, and prioritize projects. Develop skills to monitor resource utilization, cost, and project progress across the portfolio. The tools and techniques practiced in the class will help you select the right projects and ensure their success by establishing a portfolio that is aligned with corporate strategies and return-on-investment goals.

Course Content

At the completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Relate Portfolio Management to Project and Program Management
  • Describe generally accepted processes associated with Portfolio Management
  • Present and describe required elements for Portfolio Management
  • Identify the required tools and techniques needed in each process in the Portfolio Management
  • Be able to streamline your portfolio set-up through the use of formal processes integrated within your organizational governance
  • Be able to analyze the strategic plan and link strategic business portfolios with project portfolios
  • Be able to maximize the value of Portfolio Management by gaining full awareness of business objectives and applying different techniques
  • Define criteria for achieving the organization’s strategy and setting metrics for measuring value and periodic progress
  • Master portfolio management reporting
  • Understand how to manage resourcing demand


Course Dates

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