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Intermediate Business Analysis Course


The 5 day Advanced Business Analysis course is designed to be taken following our Business Analysis Essential course. It covers Enterprise Analysis which takes 3 days and Business Process Modeling covering 2 days. The Enterprise Analysis part of this course explores business analysis practice techniques including business activity modeling, stakeholder management, SWOT analysis, and gap analysis.

During this course, delegates will be encouraged to apply these techniques in the context of a business analysis assignment. The stages of this assignment involve the investigation of the business situation, analysis of key issues and their root causes, gap analysis to establish the business problems and the identification and evaluation of potential solutions.

The second part of this course is Modeling Business Processes is designed to be both practical and participative. It provides a comprehensive framework for process improvement and explores tools and techniques within this framework. It is aligned with the modeling standards of the Unified Modeling Language.


Course Content
Enterprise Analysis

  1. Business analysis rationale
  2. Strategic analysis in context
  3. A project approach to business analysis
  4. Understanding the situation/issues
  5. Business perspectives
  6. Analyzing and modeling the business activities
  7. Identifying potential solutions
  8. Making the business case

Business Process Modeling

  1. Context for business process modeling
  2. The organizational view
  3. Modeling an organization
  4. Modeling processes
  5. Creating ‘As is’ process models
  6. Analyzing tasks
  7. Human aspects of performance
  8. Managing and measuring processes
  9. Process improvement and redesign
  10. Creating ‘To be’ process models
  11. Implementation issues
  12. IT support for business processes
  13. Course summary and review
Course Dates

26th August, 2013 - 30th August 2013