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Educate your staff on the latest security issues to ensure the proper handling of information assets and fulfill compliance requirements with Harmony Information Security Awareness Education. It includes staff evaluation and reporting for compliance purposes.

Threats to your company’s information assets have never been so prevalent. An overheard phone call, stolen laptop, or suspicious download all pose significant security threats. Yet, such breaches are more common than ever. As we gain access to the technologies that make us more productive and mobile, such as cell phones, PDAs, laptops, and VPNs, vulnerabilities proliferate, putting the enterprise at risk. These vulnerabilities threaten the safety of corporate data, and are costly to prevent or mitigate. Everyone in the enterprise suffers. As security threats continue to evolve and attackers become more creative in defying company security, it’s time to get proactive.

Security Awareness Starts with You Ultimately, it’s every employee’s responsibility, from the executive suite to the manufacturing floor, to put security first and keep it top of mind. Whether employees are meeting in the boardroom to discuss corporate strategy, designing a new product, interacting with customers, or maintaining the buildings, each individual has a part to play in keeping the enterprise secure. Even small changes in employee behavior can have a significant positive impact on securing corporate information and assets. Harmony understands this concept and is doing something unique.

Benefits of the Harmony security training include:

  • Makes training easy and efficient with many delivery methods
  • Demonstrates fulfillment of compliance requirements by tracking course completion and evaluation results
  • Educates you and your staff on integrating regulatory and industry compliance and security into their everyday routine
  • Training based on internationally best practice and standards NIST and ISO 27001/2
  • Increases retention by engaging learners with hands on activities

The Harmony Security Awareness Program

Harmony’s security awareness and training program are a cost-effective, stimulating way of ensuring that your staff members are aware of the reasons for having a company security policy and the safe practices/procedures which support it. Highly visual and thought-provoking demonstrations of real-world issues are used to engage the audience, reinforcing key learning points and enhancing retention of information, for an extremely modest investment per head. The security awareness training is typically delivered at clients’ premises, so that any impact on business operations is minimized. Deployments can be achieved rapidly by running multiple sessions per day.

Participants will learn
» Fundamentals on information security

» Staying ahead on today’s cyber threat

» Learn laws regulations and organization policy that govern Privacy and security

» Learn how to protect your computer and your account by Password construction and Management

» Securing your emails and Safe Internet surfing

» What exactly computer viruses and worms are?

» Identify a phisher, hacker, shoulder surfer, and dumpster diver

» What you should do when incident happen?

Delivery Method
» Highly Illustrative, interactive and is covered with extensive practical experience.

» Case study material, Video, exercises and appropriate handouts.

Course Content

The content, format and delivery are all highly flexible and typically heavily tailored to clients’ requirements. Standard course include:

    • What and why is information security important? – Security Implications of security breach
    • Compliance – What’s Laws and regulation applicable to the institution, Organizational security programs including policies. –their Implications if breached
    • Security best practices

o The Impact of Cybercrime and Identity Fraud

o Understanding and Recognizing Social Engineering

o Strong Passwords Increase Security

o Protecting Against Viruses, Spyware and Spam

o E-mail Security and best practice

o Safe usage of internet

o Laptops and portable device security

o Workstation security

o Physical security

o Working remotely security best practice

o Information sensitivity management

o Risks and Acceptable Uses of IT Resources

  • Incident response Management
  • Assessment and certification

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