A fusion of agile and PRINCE2 – where flexibility and responsiveness combine with stakeholder confidence and tailored, relevant governance. Consisting of guidance, training and professional certification, PRINCE2 Agile explores the interface between some of the world’s most popular agile delivery techniques and project management fundamentals.Scrum, Kanban, Lean Start-up and PRINCE2 – all covered in one guide, one course and one certification.

How will PRINCE2 Agile help your projects deliver more value?

  1. Reassure stakeholders through the globally recognized name of PRINCE2 – explore agile delivery techniques whilst not forgetting necessary control to keep your stakeholders confident and engaged.
  2. Understand the risks and benefits of Agile delivery – learn how to qualify how much or how little Agile should be used on each project, providing a truly tailored approach to each project
  3. Deliver value quicker – using an iterative workflow that focuses on achieving value at each stage, or sprint.
  4. Collaborative and transparent working – through techniques and behaviours such as daily stand-up meeting and retrospective reviews.
  5. Engaged customers – through a customer-orientated approach that tests and learns, to deliver products and services the customer expects.

How will PRINCE2 Agile help you?

  1. Learn about the most popular Agile techniques on the market– including Scrum, Kanban, Lean Start-Up.
  2. Learn the global common language of project management – PRINCE2 Agile gives you the tools to deliver in an agile way, whilst understanding the terminology and processes of the world’s most adopted project management methodology.
  3. Understand how to adapt your approach to your project environment – Learn how to tailor the PRINCE2 themes and process to an agile project, and when and how to use agile techniques for each project.
  4. Enhance your CV with a globally-recognized agile project management certification that demonstrates your understanding of both PRINCE2 and agile.

Why agile?

Agile project management is a growing trend; Google reports a massive 250% increase in the search term ‘agile project management course’ in 2019. In the AXELOS PPM Benchmarking report over 75% of individuals claim to be working in an agile way, and the top benefit realized is ‘increased customer satisfaction’*.

Why get certified?

84% of individuals report that professional certification has increased their job efficiency, 79% say it’s made them more satisfied in the workplace and over half say it’s directly increased their salary***AXELOS PPM Benchmark report, 2019